The Automat

The Automat with Many Opportunities.Hot food vending machine

This hot food vending machine does a very good job in selling many snacks within a short period of time.


The staff can easily service The Automats with new snacks, as it is backloaded, meaning that the staff can fill The Automats from behind.

See a video with the idea/concept here Concept video

The Automat is delivered with:.

  • An effective electronic system, invented to control the time so that products are sold within a predetermined period of time.
  • An integrated computersystem
  • Move functions, making it possible to move products to the best selling shelfs – remembering the total period of time that the product has been on sale in the Automat.
  • Temperature control
  • … And many other features.

Some of the benefits from selling snacks in The Automat is:

  • You can sell a large quantity of snacks in a very short time
  • Very good presentation of your products
  • No salary to a cashier as The Automat is a self-service Automat.
  • High turnover
  • Great profits
This Automat can be used in many places – it´s only a matter of imagination.

If you have a shop with a window towards a busy street, simply take out the window and install these automats, then you will have a high performance selling machine with the products you choose. Futhermore, this setup does not take alot of your employes time, as you will save the salary to a cashier by having this self-service Automat.

The Automat are sold in  many countries and the usability of them are endless. As a standard, The Automat is coin operated, but other payments are also possible, like VISA and/or Mobile payment.

The History of The Automats

Looking back at the history of The Automats, Horn & Hardarts were, with inspiration from Quisiana

Automats in Berlin, inspired to open up shops in New York.

Automat front

Horn & Hardarts quickly became the most prominent automat chain in the US, selling all kind of meals. The Automats were filled from behind and people served themselves by dropping their coins into The Automat, choose the window containing the specific meal and lifting the window to serve themselves.

The concept was threatened by the arrival of fast food, as we know it today – served over the counter and with many more payment

opportunities than in The Automat.

The Automats today

In the Netherlands, The Automats are still very popular. The concept, like used of Horn & Hardarts in the beginning of 1900, are still of the same princip but with many improvements.

Serving the Dutch people in railwaystations and supermarkets, The Automats contains different Dutch food and snacks like frikadellen and croquettes.

A Dutch concept, FEBO, are in a great success of being a walk-up fast food resturant, using The Automats to serve their customers. FEBO have 60 shops across The Netherlands selling directly from The Automats (22 shops are places in the capital ciry of The Nederlands, Amsterdam) The concept is driven as a Franchise with individual shop owners.
Among other  shops using the same concept of The Automats are Smullers, also in The Netherlands, and  Quickies placed in São Paulo, Brazil.

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