Hot food vending solutions

A great vending machine for hot snacks. We offer a strong solution and a good concept for selling hot snacks on the go.

See Concept video

Stainless steel and strong design

The hot food vending machine is built in a modern design. The material is stainless steel, which makes it easy to maintain the surfaces of the machines. You can read more about the Automat


The front display shows the price on the items in the vending machine in a green text. The red text shows the amount of money inserted in the machine. This improves the costumer’s user experience. If you want to change the price, you can easily do that at the back of the machine.

Fully customizable

We produce the machine from the drawings and idea development to the final product and this gives us a flexibility in the production, so we can make custom-made machines, which fit your brand or special measurements at the machine etc.

 Send us a mail, and we will find a solution for you.

The heating system

At the back on the machine you can easily adjust the temperature – The fine adjustment at the temperature and the Time Control System gives you the perfect conditions to give your costumers the best product, served at most optimal temperature, which fits the individual product.

A video showing the concept of the automats

Hot food vending machine front view

Designed with usability in mind

The main architecture of this functional machine is well known for its strong mechanical design and ease of use. We have updatede this great architecture with modern technology and this gives us a strong design with the flexibility the technology gives us.

  • Strong and secure 100%
  • Flexibility 100%
  • The best temperature control 100%
  • Time control 100%